Volunteer finds a new passion

Pat Read When Pat Read retired a year ago, she was looking for volunteer opportunities that would keep her involved with veterans. She started with HomeFront Strong at its inception, is matched with two people, and also serves as a trainer. Read met her first match, a Korean War veteran now in his late 80s,…

Jacquelyn Wolf

Jacquelyn Wolf joined the Air Force Reserves in 1985 at the age of 17. She spent 10 years as an Air Force Medical Service Specialist working in aeromedical evacuation and in ground units. In 1995 she enlisted into the Army active duty. Originally assigned to be an 88M truck driver, her MOS was changed to…

From a dream to a canvas

Barry Sponder knew nothing about art, except that he thought he didn’t know how to make it. But a vivid dream inspired him to try. His work, PTSD 1972, is part of Shaped by Service, an art exhibit featuring the works of veterans, service members and military families. The exhibit is now running at ArtWorks Gallery,…

Cassie Blanchette wouldn’t have it any other way

Cassie Blanchette remembers her first few years as a young military spouse, after marrying her high school sweetheart as soon as she graduated. Her husband joined the military and they moved onto a base in Georgia. It was a huge change, leaving her family and setting up her first home. She loved it.  Six months…

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Vietnam veteran pinning ceremony

Vietnam veterans receive lapel pins in a ceremony March 15, 2018,

Resilience and Military Kids

Kids are remarkably, resilient by nature – especially military kids! Though their reactions to novel, scary situations will vary depending on the developmental level of the child, most kids are able to adapt to new circumstances.

The Four Touchstones of Resilience

Resilience is about surviving, adapting, and adjusting during and after adversity — while continuing to maintain one’s integrity or core values.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is an essential skill for boosting resilience. The brain’s default mode is to scan for the negative, for danger or threat. However, the practice of expressing gratitude can actually train your brain to seek out the positive.

The power of music

Music sets the mood for us while enhancing the depth of emotion we feel.