HomeFront Strong and our partners hold workshops, training, seminars, meals, performances, and more—all in line with enhancing resilience and preventing suicide. Both online and in-person, we have workshops and host events for military and veteran families geared towards community building, opportunities for strengthening connections, accessing resources, and learning about trauma & resilience. We also provide workshops for first responders, health care professionals, social workers, therapists, teachers, and others to help them learn about trauma and how to help those who are dealing with it.

veterans mediation

Veterans Mediation includes all those who have seen military service: veterans, National Guard, Reserves, active military, and close family members.

Veterans Mediation de-mystifies powerful mediation skills and puts them in the hands of a population with pronounced moral authority in our society: veterans who help military-connected people. As mediation trainers and mediators, they apply those skills in a broadly democratic way to benefit the communities they serve.

Training options include:

  • A 2 hour introductory course
  • A 1 day basic skills course
  • A 35 hour professional course

"I think every veteran’s director should be taking this course. It got me to understand, when I’m talking to a vet, that there are two sides to the story. It taught me how to talk to the veterans and to really talk to a parent or a spouse, to understand what is really going on. A lot of people don’t really listen. They’re eager to move on. They’re in a hurry."

Leo Parent, Director of Veterans Service Center, Turners Falls


BATTLEMIND Resilience Training, the US Army’s mental health resilience training system, is a structured approach describing the impact of the deployment cycle on service members, the changes caused by military training and immersion in a combat setting, and the cultural challenges in the transition home. This training provides participants with the ability to understand many of the moods, behaviors, and actions of returning service members while also providing medical personnel with a deeper awareness of the implications for providing appropriate medical care for service members and their families.



Moral Injury: Healing Soul Wounds, is designed to orient participants in the civilian community to the concept of moral injury as it relates to therapeutic and spiritual intervention. In this workshop, the definition of moral injury is explored through spiritual and social lenses while distinguishing it from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Workshop attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of moral injury on veterans and their families in addition to empirically based strategies for mitigating this impact in both a clinical and community setting.