The mission of HomeFront Strong, formerly known as the Brookfield Institute, is to build resilience in veterans and military families through targeted programs and resources.

Our vision is to ensure every military and veteran family has the necessary support to achieve optimal social, spiritual, physical and mental health for joyful, meaningful lives. We offer public events, trainings, support groups, and outreach.

The Brookfield Institute was founded in 2007. The vision of the Brookfield Institute was shaped by its original founders, experts in the fields of psychotherapy, medicine, and community organizing. They collaborated to offer a unique approach to trauma resilience training, crafted in partnership with the internationally renowned Strategies in Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) program.

Jeff Lucey

After the shocking suicide of Marine Cpl. Jeff Lucey, from Belchertown, MA in June 2004, the Institute began to apply its expertise in trauma resilience to create specialized programs for veterans, and communities working with veterans.

Our collaboration with local non-profit organizations for veterans, such as Open Spirit and the Veterans Education Project, has deepened our comprehension of veterans’ needs, and available local resources.