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The Impact of Your Contribution

We get it. Sometimes donating feels like putting money into a black box. For that reason, we've come up with some examples of what your contribution to HomeFront Strong actually helps us afford!

Disclaimer: These are only examples. Your donation will not be specifically allocated to these uses.

A Special Breakfast

  • This is enough to sponsor a meal at our Annual Military Appreciation Breakfast for a SMVF/volunteer

A Check-in Call

  • Enough to fund a phone call check-in between a HFS staff member and a SMVF needing support

Editing from Elms

  • Sponsors a college student editing a story of service to be shared with the broader community

A Perfect Match

  • Helps HFS match a new SMVF with a volunteer to provide invaluable community support

Volunteer Supervision

  • Provides 1 month of support/supervision for volunteers working with SMVF