Come volunteer with HomeFront Strong

Volunteers are the heart of HomeFront Strong. We recognize that quality programs are best delivered with the support of talented, dedicated individuals who share our passion for community building among SMVF. Volunteers with HomeFront Strong have a special affinity for this population, just as we do, usually due to a deep personal connection with service to country and the military.

By joining our volunteer pool, you are part of the solution to overcoming the challenges to family and community resilience as you embody and help to cultivate the very qualities that play an integral role in making resilience possible.

HomeFront Strong volunteers:

  • Have a deep sense of purpose that drives them to serve the community in hopes of bettering the lives of others

  • Are driven by optimism that fuels the belief that individuals, families and communities can be strengthened through connections and resources

  • Identify with the qualities and experiences that define veterans, service members, and their families, rooted in service, sacrifice, and honor

HomeFront Strong Connects & Storytelling: HomeFront Strong Connects is one of the Brookfield’s seminal programs, offering peer support to veterans, service members and their families. Volunteers with HomeFront Strong are uniquely able to empathize with the individuals and families looking for support through HomeFront Strong because they have a military connection. This connection may vary widely, whether it is a history of personal service, a legacy of family service, membership in a military family or a significant connection a military family. Connects volunteers are prepared to offer community peer support in addition to developing and recording stories of service under the HomeFront Strong Storytelling program.

Volunteer Commitment & Expectations: Volunteers interested in HomeFront Strong Connects & Storytelling undergo a vetting process that includes a formal interview and background check. Once cleared, the volunteer then attends a three session training, two hours each for a total of six hours. This training provides an overview of military culture, active listening techniques, appropriate boundary setting, risk and resilience factors associated with military service, the storytelling process, and trauma awareness.

Once specifically trained to offer peer support, HomeFront Strong volunteers are matched with a veteran, service member or military family for whom they are well suited. Volunteers are then expected to connect with their matched family member at least every other week for a minimum of one hour to offer social support. In between check ins, the volunteer attends supervision meetings with the HomeFront Strong Program Director and other active volunteers monthly.

Food Distribution:

 HomeFront Strong has partnered with community organizations specializing in food distribution to offer veteran and military families fresh foods and pantry staples at no charge. Eligible families are connected to the appropriate resources while those who do not have access to local organizations benefit from food delivery.

Volunteer Commitment & Expectations: We are happy to welcome volunteers for food distribution on an as needed basis. You are simply asked to confirm your availability with HomeFront Strong and follow all safety precautions!


 HomeFront Strong is always looking for some charismatic individuals to help us raise the necessary funds for carrying out our necessary work! If you have experience in fundraising and are happy to spend your time planning events and engaging potential donors, we would love to have you aboard! Simply sign up and let us know what your interests and skills are in this area, and we will be sure to include you in our fundraising efforts.

Morning Coffee

 is the Brookfield’s way of opening its doors to the veterans, service members and military families in the community with the goal of establishing a sense of belonging and camaraderie while creating opportunities for access to resources. Welcome Home Place is a 1.5 hour open house event that occurs monthly at our Ware Massachusetts location. During this time, individuals and families are invited in to learn about resources from partner organizations and take part in holistic self-care modalities such as chair massage, yoga and reike, all while enjoying refreshments and good company.

Morning Coffee presents multiple volunteer opportunities for those who thrive on establishing close relationships. Tasks include setting up the space for each event, checking in attendees, providing refreshments, making lasting connections and cleaning up afterwards.