Jacquelyn Wolf joined the Air Force Reserves in 1985 at the age of 17. She spent 10 years as an Air Force Medical Service Specialist working in aeromedical evacuation and in ground units. In 1995 she enlisted into the Army active duty. Originally assigned to be an 88M truck driver, her MOS was changed to 91V (68V) Respiratory Specialist. She served at Moncrief Army Community Hospital, Ft. Jackson, SC and Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, TX separating in 2002.

Her famous last words when she had to appear with her SSG before the CO to defend her failing test scores during respiratory school: “JW: Sir, my husband moved out while I was in class and left the kids with the neighbor. I have regrouped now. CO: Now that your husband is gone and you are a single mother, what makes you think anything will be easier? JW: Well sir, I can put the kids in the corner when they misbehave, but I couldn’t do that with the husband. I think things just got a lot easier! CO: (sputtering, and the SSG behind her with eyes bugging out) I think my wife would say the same about me!”