Private First Class L CO, 3RD BN, 4TH MARINES, 3RD MARDIV, III MAF United States Marine Corps Ware, Massachusetts October 04, 1947 to May 15, 1968

Born in Ware, Massachusetts, Alfred was the son of Alfred L. Jasnocha Sr. and Genevieve Jasnocha of 35 Pleasant Street Ware. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps on August 28 1967 in Springfield, and upon completion of Basic and advanced Infantry training, with orders for duty in Vietnam arrived on March 18 1968 where he was assigned to and served with Company L, 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, 3d MARDIV (Rein) FMF. In May during Operation SCOTLAND II, Company L was patrolling from Dong Dang Hill 689 several kilometers west of the Khe Sanh Combat Base in the Huong Hoa District of Quang Tri Province. On May 15 the Marines position was hit with a barrage of 82 mm mortar fire and a platoon patrolling northwest of Hill 689 was engaged by and enemy force. Air strikes were requested and the rest of Company L was committed to the battle overrunning the enemy bunker complex. During the return to the CP, the Marines endured barrages of enemy 120 mm mortar fire. Company L suffered four men killed and thirty-four wounded, one Marine died of his wounds during the engagement with the enemy. PFC Jasnocha was one of the casualties; he was killed in action from hostile mortar fire.